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Calibration Services in Anoka County, MN

With newer automotive technologies continuously changing the way we drive, ensuring your vehicle’s equipment operates flawlessly grows increasingly important in this modern day and age. Calibrations are not needed as routine maintenance, but needed whenever the windshield has been replaced or when the camera itself is taken off or adjusted. If you drive a new car, it behooves you to have it regularly calibrated so the technology you rely on can help you and other motorists stay safe on the road. Bring your car, truck, or SUV to All Auto Glass to tune your ride and ensure it operates at peak performance. When you need top-quality calibration services in Anoka County, MN, we’re the name to turn to.

For more than 20 years, we’ve proudly performed everything from glass repairs to calibration services on vehicles of all makes and models. No matter if you drive a foreign car, domestic truck, heavy duty construction vehicle, or a company fleet van, we’re prepared to put your ride’s assessment and gaging equipment back in alignment.

Vehicle Calibration

Learn More About Vehicle Calibration

Calibration differs from traditional performance evaluation. A diagnostic assessment looks at various vehicular components in order to detect a myriad of issues. Vehicle calibration tells its internal computers to readjust all of its cameras, sensors, other driver-assist technologies to work according to a new set of specifications.

When discussing advanced driver-assistance systems, there are two distinct types of calibration you’ll come across: static and dynamic. What distinguishes static calibration from its dynamic counterpart is the way the systems are calibrated. Static calibration refers to technological components that can be adjusted in a specialty auto shop, without having to drive the vehicle. This approach requires the use of sensitive equipment such as camera and sensor calibration tools. Target boards are specifically used to calibrate a static vehicle. 

Alternatively, dynamic calibration--sometimes referred to as mobile calibration--is performed with the aid of a handheld unit that’s connected directly to the automobile. Once the unit is attached to your car, the vehicle must be driven at the manufacturer’s prescribed speed over a given distance in optimum weather conditions. This is done to get the system accustomed to the road, and it's intended and to prepare the vehicle to respond to unexpected issues accordingly. All vehicles, whether static or dynamic are test driven after completion of calibration to ensure systems are successfully working and operational. 

Always Treating Your Vehicle With Care

No matter what you’re driving, we’re on hand to handle your every vehicle calibration need. Whether you require static or dynamic calibration, our technicians will determine the exact margin of error and adjust your systems to match your manufacturer’s specification for improved performance. Rest assured that we strictly follow your manufacturer’s parameters with every job we perform. Request an estimate today, and we’ll see to it that you get back on the road safely.

Contact our specialty auto shop to recalibrate your vehicle for improved performance and safety. We proudly serve drivers in Anoka County, Blaine, Minneapolis, Burnsville, and St. Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas.