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Car Window Repair in Anoka County, MN

The windows on your car offer you a clear, unobstructed view of the road for sighing road signs, obstacles, and other vehicles. Don't let cracks and chips obscure your vision by coming to our experts for car window repair in Anoka County, MN. All Auto Glass offers premium glass repair to customers throughout the area, even providing mobile services to those whose windows are damaged enough to make the care unsafe to drive. We are a family owned business that has been offering affordable side car window repair for more than 20 years. By choosing us for your repairs, you get an unparalleled level of convenience and skill at rates that cannot be beat by anyone in the area.

Side Car Window Repair for Cracks & Chips

Whether you want to come to us or need us to come to you, we have you covered. Our team of experts has the ability to perform passenger side, rear, and driver side window repair on every make and model of car, trick, van, and SUV on the market. We even service obscure foreign brands at no extra cost. Our skilled techs repair chips, cracks, scratches, leaks, and torn or rotted rubber weather strips. They also have the certifications and training needed to repair the mechanisms in power windows.

To repair chips, we must first make sure that any moisture or debris on the chipped service is gone. We then apply a high-quality resin that is hardened and sealed by UV light. Cracks are repaired similarly; after being thoroughly cleaned, we use the same resin to fill it in and harden it. For smaller scratches, we might be able to simply "rub" the crack out with a special compound. For all of our car window repair services, the sooner you get to us the better. These small issues might turn into larger problems due to stress, necessitating complete replacement.

Repaired Car Window in Anoka County, MN

Driver Side Window Repair Keeps Your Vehicle Safe

Not only are car windows a necessary part of the structure of your car, they also keep your car and everything in it safe from various things. Nothing entices a thief more than the site of a compromised car window, as a crack is a sign that the integrity of the window is compromised. On top of that, a severe rain storm may blow through at the wrong moment and soak everything in the vehicle. For these reasons, it is pivotal that you not hesitate to call us for car window repair.

Contact us for swift, efficient car window repair to protect your car from the elements. We are proud to serve Anoka County, Blaine, Minneapolis, Burnsville, St. Paul, and Big Lake, Minnesota, and the surrounding area.